Luxury RE Pomade

Welcome to three varians Luxury RE Pomade, the most famous varian of Luxury RE ever. To create it, we started with a beloved design, then reinvented it from the inside out. We imagine it as lux as you want.

This pomades are unique products that over the years have developed many different uses. It is important to experiment with the products. The most important tip is to always start with a small amount and build up. Pomades, by nature, were developed to stay in the hair. If you intend on washing the product out every day it is important to not put too much in.

lets see!
3 varians Luxury RE

Original Light

White and Yellow combination design,

  • Shine

    Original Light by Luxury RE gives more shine to your hairstyle, it also has fresh and aromatic schene.

  • Easy to use

    It's so easy to apply and very comfort.

  • Easy to clean

    See! You can clean your hair easyly.

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Switch to Original Light by Luxury RE

Introduced as a softer, lighter alternative to Luxury RE's Original Pomade. There’s nothing quite like it in Indonesia. It allows you to create spectacular hairstyles every day and its unique silicone based formula adds a soft feel, fullness and texture. So if you want a natural look with moderate shine, this is the best choice.

Heavy Hold

Black and Yellow combination design

  • Hard and Strong

    Heavy Hold by Luxury RE gives more powerfull hard to your hairstyle

  • Easy to use

    Lets you manipulate your hair into any style

  • Easy to clean

    You can also clean your hair easyly.

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A Big Step for Elegant Style

We start with Luxury RE's Original Light Pomade and add about 25% more wax on it. This is the professional hair wax with more hold and a natural finish with some shine.This stuff is the best experience for curly hair.

Extra Hold

Black and Gold combination design.

  • Strong & No Shine

    Extra Hold is Extreme hold & strongest one.

  • Easy to use

    It allows you to create spectacular hairstyles every day and it is easy to work with.

  • Hard to clean

    Need to wash perfectly over 2 times after you used it.

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One Powerfull Pomade

Stronger than it was, we got more extra power for your hard hair. High performing hair wax known for its extreme hold and perfect matte finish. If you are looking for matte sculpting and gritty texture, this is the one.

Free Exclusive Minicomb

We offer the best deal for you to get our product, because in one pack, you get box, manual guide, sticker, and also minicomb.

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High Quality

High quality men’s hair product.

Modern Design

Designed with modern trends and elegant, about think different that aplied for hair care product.


Luxury RE takes pride in having a uniquely handpicked selection of professional hair care products and in being home of the bestseller product line.