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Introducing “Luxury RE”. An Exclusive Hairstyle Pomade, designed & developed by Luxury RE, exclusively for Gentleman.

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  • Original Light

    "Original Light"

    Shine. Years ahead.

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  • Heavy Hold

    "Heavy Hold"

    More strong today and tomorow.

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  • Extra Hold

    "Extra Hold"

    All the power you want. All day long.

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Designed for Gentleman

Luxury RE Pomade's is committed to producing high quality products, that consumers demand, at fair prices. We will operate our business with honesty, integrity, and treat all of our distributors with respect and fairness. The Designs are different, its more than just cool, but lux and profesional for businessman.

This pomades are unique products that over the years have developed many different uses. It is important to experiment with the products. The most important tip is to always start with a small amount and build up. Pomades, by nature, were developed to stay in the hair. If you intend on washing the product out every day it is important to not put too much in.

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We Proud to be First Exclusive One!

Based in Malang - East Java, Luxury RE Pomade also had so many fans and more than hundred distributors, we apreciate them and our team too. We want to travel around the world to make sure they got a lot of fun with us.

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Luxury RE products embody the magic of innovation, the simplicity of Luxury design and the strength of quality. The uniqueness of Luxury RE has brought together a loyal, global community of trendsetting men, inspired to #luxuryre, #worksmart, and #luxurystyle. Please visit our blog bellow to get more very own news.


Want to give your hair something extra? We ship worldwide from this site and you can also find our products in Indonesia's Online Market (,,, etc) please text us for more information or question Place your order online and we will personally make sure your purchase is handled with care; quality and service are our highest priority.